Elevate your vibrations with contemporary fine art filled with positive energy.

natural energy fabric sculpture

Contemporary fabric sculpture is textural and dimensional, reflecting light while emitting a sophisticated elegance. The 2021 natural energy collection is a small-batch selection made to balance, inspire and complete your environment. Handcrafted to emulate the sensation of the earth, while actively absorbing sound and increasing home insulation. Each is delicately sculpted, and permanently affixed to a lightweight board that's secure and ready to hang.

We encourage you to intuitively select the right element for you and your surrounding.

Water energy 'Moonlit Flow'
Velvet over mixed media
over board, 70" x 47", 2018

Zuzanna Kozlowska's intricate and intuitive drawings are an exploration of presence, energy and flow. Having formally studied fine art in Melbourne and New York, the artist had mastered figure painting before developing a unique visual style that explored what was felt rather than what was seen. In 2014, she began her series of 'Energist' drawings that used color, shape and form to illustrate energy. These drawings have become a contemporary dialogue and representation of time, people and places, commemorating a vibe that can be kept to reflect the moment beyond what can be captured through a photograph.

Her portfolio and CV can be visited at and seen at Paul Calendrillo Gallery New York.

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A unique energy imprint, carefully created with ink and prisma colored pencil on archival quality art board. An energy portrait, of yourself or someone else, brings a unique essence into the surrounding in a contemporary, artistic and vibrant way.

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unique artwork, printed with museum quality inks on archival paper.