Vibe #6 triggers the power of life, eliciting action, passion and purpose. Possessing the longest visible wavelength on the color spectrum, it is advancing and activating in the manifestation of desires in the physical world. It has the power to enhance human metabolism and increase respiration, tapping into our will to survive. It gets noticed, is clarifying, brilliant and can increase passion and drive. Red is the color of fire, blood, the body's energy vortex chakras, and of love. Associated with wealth, health, fame and reputation, it’s fearless in those who can harness it.

The higher the intensity, the more painted strokes, and more depth of color.
We encourage you to select intuitively.

One color.
Deliberate, bold design

One color+
Light & shadow, outlined.
Sensational design.

Multi color+
Light & shadow, outlined.
Dynamic design.