Light is a spiritual symbol of hope, holiness and transcendence. In many religions, light signifies salvation from the darkness and an illumination of a path of good deeds for the sake of a greater good. It is considered a metaphysical destination where energy and spirit find their resting place, beyond the measure of the physical world.

Light energy is pure goodness, protection and the unity of all. It is a powerful acceptance and an inspiration towards moving beyond the self and the material world.

Connect with light energy to expand your consciousness and relish in the belief of the goodness of self and of humanity.

Light energy fabric sculpture is made from white silk, and molded in a seemingly fluid manner but permanently affixed to a lightweight board. Delivered ready to hang, it includes metal cleats for easy installation.

Bring light energy into your space with this unique fabric sculpture today.

'Never Alone'
Silk fabric mixed media over board, 24" x 96", 2018


Custom made orders delivered within 28 days. Rush service may be available


unique artwork, printed with museum quality inks on archival paper.