Energy Portrait
Ink and Pencil on Art board 32" x 40" 2014



The feeling of energy, visualized by artist Zuzanna Kozlowska is a unique contemporary art form, globally exhibited and represented by Paul Calendrillo Gallery New York, as a remarkable talent.
Acclaimed for its fluid movement, detailed mastery of form and intuitive actualization, energy portraits are a vibrant snippet of time and a gestural response to individual energy vibrations that prove nothing short of visually extraordinary.
We invite you to take the opportunity to commission this unique, contemporary artwork while it exists.

Energy portraits are generally recommended on 32" x 40" archival quality art board in ink and prisma colored pencil. Smaller sized options are available and larger sized energy art is best created with acrylic paint on canvas.

While in-person appointments are preferred, the artist is able work with clients through video appointments and photographs.

The duality of two energies combining, is a visually striking and highly personal heirloom or gift. We are pleased to offer couple and partner energy portraits at this time.

Please note that energy portraits are limited in availability and only PURCHASED orders are guaranteed to be fulfilled.

Please use the form below to contact us with any questions and to be added to the wait-list in your area.


Energy Portrait
Couple Energy Portrait

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