Vibe #7 evokes a sense of strength, respect and reliability. It pulsates with resilience and dependability, creating a warm internal grounding and comfort. Nourishing visually, it’s beloved for its unusual hue and natural elements, sharing pride and stability with all who see it. As a natural earth energy, Vibe #7 promotes connection with the earth and is a positive and tolerant stabilizer. Those who seek courage will benefit from the natural leadership energy of the vibe, stimulating dignified confidence. As a color, copper bronze is considered precious yet homely with an approachable, down-to-earth feel.

The higher the intensity, the more painted strokes, and more depth of color.
We encourage you to select intuitively.

One color.
Deliberate, bold design

One color+
Light & shadow, outlined.
Sensational design.

Multi color+
Light & shadow, outlined.
Dynamic design.