The Centerpiece Energy Portrait 40" x 60"

The Centerpiece Energy Portrait 40" x 60"

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Commemorating the energy of an individual is one of the most unique and special heirloom investments you can make.

Created by visual artist Zuzanna Kozlowska, a traditionally trained portrait artist who shifted her practice to create unique and colorful, energy drawings that illustrate what is felt, rather than what is seen. Hand crafted with delicate and detailed ebb and flow lines intuitively drawn and filled with color, energy portraits hold the common aspect of always being beautiful, inspiring, energizing and vibrant. Talking about her process, the artist explains:

“It is not that I can see energy, rather that my hand moves in response to energy waves, while holding a pencil that reveals it.”

Zuzanna's work has been internationally exhibited and acclaimed for its fluid movement, detailed mastery and intuitive actualization.

Created in acrylic paint on canvas, the artwork is made based on a consultation with the individual. This can be done through an in-person appointment, via online video, telephone or with the aid of photographs for posthumous energy portraits or gifts.

Finalized work is delivered under 28 days, shipped flat, ready to hang. Expedited orders may be available in special circumstances so please contact us directly, to see if we can accommodate your needs.

We hope you can take the opportunity to add this unique artwork to your collection while it's available, making your energy last throughout generations as an exquisite work of fine art.